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Cowork Timisoara - the meeting point of the entrepreneurial community in the Western part of the country

Cowork Timisoara - the meeting point of the entrepreneurial community in the Western part of the country

Diana Cîrloganu

about 2 months ago

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The Cowork Timisoara team announces the expansion of The Office coworking space, a hub that has reached a total of 1000 square meters in just one year. This space now hosts big names in the world of innovation such as Globant, Deloitte, SII Romania.

This significant growth reflects the continuing demand for flexible coworking spaces among corporations and entrepreneurs alike.

After the pandemic period, the majority of residents said they needed to share energy and ideas, and new excuses to socialise. Many initiatives in the community developed during lunch breaks or at discussions at events in the conference rooms. In addition, the diversity of the fields in which Cowork Timisoara residents work has long since gone beyond the IT & C area.
Equipped with all the plug-and-play facilities, modern design and a dynamic community of professionals, Cowork Timisoara now becomes a hub where you can choose from the two locations they offer to focus only on work, without worrying about the administrative aspects.
"This expansion reflects not only our growth as a coworking space, but also our desire to offer professionals and entrepreneurs in Timisoara a place tailored to their needs, where they can work and collaborate" - said Andrei Cosmin Munteanu, Co-Founder & CEO Cowork Timisoara.

Collaboration is one of the fundamental pillars at Cowork Timisoara. That's why Cowork Timisoara's new tagline is "The future of working is co-", where "Co" is the key word that opens the door to collaboration and community in tomorrow's professional world.
The expansion was made possible through a partnership with BCR and Orange, highlighting a commitment to strong collaboration that supports the local community. The Garden, Timisoara's premier Cowork Timisoara location as well as its most popular, will ensure that there is space for you to work both outdoors and indoors. And fear not, the famous terrace has undergone a great renovation and is now ready to host all sorts of outdoor events.
Plus, it's the perfect place for entrepreneurs who want to change up their routine and work from the terrace to enjoy the sunshine while getting their tasks done.
To discover more facilities and location availability, you can schedule a visit right now by visiting the new Cowork Timisoara Website :

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