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Welcome to the perfect working environment for freelancers, startups, and small enterprises. Here, at Cowork Timisoara, we ensure you’re not only renting an office space to work from, but also entering a vibrant tech & startup community - a community that can help you and your business grow exponentially through the constant support it offers.

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Our Locations

The Office

Calea Aradului 11, BCR Building, 2nd floor - map

The Office is the second location of Cowork Timisoara. Besides being a central office space available for rent by day/week/month, it’s also the place where we can host/organize your business events: from presentations to mini-conferences, workshops, or networking events, the dedicated area can accommodate 30 to 80 people in a theatre format.

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The Garden

Virgil Madgearu, 5 - map

The Garden is situated at a five minutes walk from the city’s center. Here you can find a beautiful backyard, access to street and bicycle parking spaces, and a specialty coffee shop (granulR), all of which come together to create a cozy and inspiring work atmosphere.

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Growing the entrepreneurship community since 2014

We are a highly motivated group of people who love getting involved and build the startup ecosystem in Timisoara. Find out more about the programs we run or get involved yourself!

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Our Partners

These companies and entities understands the power of community and choose to get involved in the long-term growing and sustaining of the local tech ecosystem. Many thanks!

Orange Fab Romania
Viva Facilities
BCR InnovX