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We believe in having solid relationships with businesses and individuals who share our vision for collaboration and innovation.

Why Partner with Cowork Timisoara? When you partner with us, you're not just renting a workspace; you're becoming part of a supportive network dedicated to increasing your business success.

Let's team up and work together to grow and succeed!

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Benefits for partners

cowork visibility

Visibility partnerships

Increase your visibility and reach among our digital audience, helping you connect with more people interested in your offerings.

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We're here to team up with partners in the tech industry or who serve B2B or B2C clients within the tech world. You can access diverse resources and expertise tailored to your needs and interests.

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Create your partnership

Whether you're a local business, startup, or organization, we're always eager to explore new partnership opportunities. Let's get in touch if you have any specific needs.

Benefits for volunteers

cowork meeting room

Coworking space access

Where your laptop finds its happy place, and your creativity gets to stretch its legs.

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Internship opportunity

You can dive into the deep end of the real-world work pool and come out swimming with experience!

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A place to practice

Your playground for honing skills, making mistakes, and turning them into masterpieces!