Services & Pricing

Desks/Membership &
Private offices

We provide coworking-style working facilities in open-office or medium office size layouts. We can also provide some limited private-office space, depending on our availability.

Our coworking offering includes the following packages:

  • Daily pass (12 EUR/day)
  • Flexi Membership, access in the space for 7 days/month (65 EUR/month)
  • Resident membership, unlimited access (150 EUR/month)
  • Meeting room access (15 EUR/hour)

Available discounts:
  • 10% for team packages (at least 6 desks)
  • 10% for down-payment for minimum 6 months
  • discounts can be cumulated

The membership includes:
  • workspace access
  • shared access to meeting rooms
  • all utilities covered
  • water, coffee, tea
  • lockers (only at TheGarden)
  • discounts for services and products in our partners network

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Event Venue & Services

Hosting events

We can host events such as business presentations, cocktails, workshops, private meetings. We collaborate with 3rd party for catering, photo & video services.

Venue Facilities:
  • Beamer/projector
  • Chairs & desks
  • Flip chart
  • High speed internet
  • Kitchenette (espresso machine, water fountain, microwave)
  • Terrace for breaks & smoking
Available Venues & Tariffs
  • Main venue - up to 25 participants in theater setup, up to 10 participants in workshop setup
  • Outdoor Deck & Lawn - up to 40 participants
  • From 20 EUR/hour (with discounts for whole day events or recurrent bookings)

Community events

We're hosting community meetups and events for free (as long as the organizers does not charge the participants).

Organizing & logistics services

We can provide you with services for organizing events for you (in any location). Our team has over 5 years of experience in organizing small and large events. Service Packages:
  • One-time event (workshop, meetup, conference, etc)
  • Periodic meetup or workshop
  • Create a new concept

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Administrative Services

In-house services:

  • Postal address
  • Company registered offices / Branch office (not headquarters)

Through our partners network:

  • Company headquarters (at lawyer office)
  • Legal advice (for incorporating a new company, or other)
  • Accounting services

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Startup Support

Discounts for all above facilities

If you're an early-stage (scalable) startup you can receive substantial discounts from us.

Leverage our mentors and advisers network

If you need help with an intro or you're looking for someone with certain skills or profile, we can work our extensive contact network and put you in touch with the right person.

In-house mentorship & trainings (for business & presentation skills)

We have a lot of hands-on experience in running startups and educational programs for startups and entrepreneurs.

Consultancy for applying to accelerator programs

We can help you with the application form, slide deck and presentation video you have to prepare for applying to various acceleration programs.

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Long-term Event Venue Partnership

As an venue partner, we can offer you exposure to the local community in our physical locations and online on our communication channels as well:

  • In the venues: by permanently displaying your roll-up, products stand or personalizing a wall for you.
  • Communication channels: on our official Facebook page, on our Meetup and Facebook groups and on Timisoara.Tech platform.

Startup Programs Partnership

Our mission is to support and grow the local startup community and we're continuously working on this. Our Startup Survivor, Startup Weekend Timisoara and Startup Coffee Meetup are established events in the community. We are always loooking for partners with the same goals as we to help us delivering those programs in the future or even designing new ones.

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Tell us what you think!

We'd be happy to hear your thoughts on any of the topics above, even if you're interested in working with us or just have a very strong opinion you need to share with us ;)