We’re launching our Digital Membership

We at CoworkTimisoara are always focused on community building. The Digital Membership is a product we’d had on our work table for a long time, but we never had the time or motivation to finalize. Until now. As we always like to find the positive side of any situation, this Corona crisis offered us the perfect opportunity to activate us and deliver this project.

What you'll get:

Subscribe with only 5eur/month! Pay with PayPal or Bank transfer

Events & educational content

Never stop learning! The fact that we cannot host you in our locations doesn't mean we cannot continue to offer you good quality events and meetups. We'll host online events using Zoom and it's even better than the in-persons ones - we will also provide the recordings, so if you cannot attent some event, you'll still be able to watch it whenever you want.

We also offer our support for all the meetup organizers in the community - anyone can use our Zoom subscription for free to host their own community events, so if you want to do this, contact us.

What you'll get:



The one component that is the hardest to replace is the interaction and networking opportunities offered by our events and spaces. But don't worry - we thought of that too. So we will provide you with the online equivalent of that - we'll have 2 ways for you to interact with other people in the community:

1. Our Slack group, where will have dedicated channels for different topics relevant to our community

2. The Mighty Networks social network and forums, where you can post questions, jobs, ask for help or some intros.


What you'll get:


Partners & discounts

We're leveraging our contacts to build a really useful network of partners that can offer you relevant services and products with attractive discounts and special offers.

You can also offer some discounts to your fellow members if you want to help, so let us know if you're interested to become a member of our Partners Network.


What you'll get:


Subscribe with only 5eur/month! Pay with PayPal or Bank transfer


Frequently Asked Questions

What about members with normal memberships?

All our members with Resident, Regular or Flexi membership, we'll automatically receive for free our digital membership too.


Can I pay in advance?

Yup, we are also planning to give some discounts for paying for the whole year, so contact us if you want this option.


Can I cancel anytime?

Of course, for now you will pay month by month and can stop whenever you want (although will be sad to see you go).


What if I'm a company?

You're welcomed too! We can offer you custom packages for your team, or discuss some other type of involvment for you, so let's get in touch.


I was looking for something specific, but couldn't found it in what you offer

Well, if it's something that fits with what we offer, let's talk, we migh make it happen.

Tell us what you think!

We'd be happy to hear your thoughts on any of the topics above, even if you're interested in working with us or just have a very strong opinion you need to share with us ;)