The reasons why everyone is obsessing about working from a coworking space

Posted by Diana Cirloganu on January 06, 2023


Everyone knows that working full time from home is so 2020 and going to your corporate office, working from 9-5, has become a little bit from the past. Thinking a little bit differently, workplaces must change as the future of work does. 

A flexible work style, supported by coworking spaces is the future of work now. Hybrid is the new normal, and with the rise of all of these changes, the rise of coworking spaces plays a significant factor in this shift. Having access to a coworking space means taking advantage of the convenience of working from home or going to a meeting in person. 

Work from one of our coworking spaces and enjoy the following benefits:


Our two coworking spaces are easily accessible and central: The Garden is situated on Virgil Madgearu 5, only 5 minutes to Victory Square, and The Office, is placed across Iulius Town, in the heart of the city. This will help you get to your key points of interest much easier and save time on the road or in traffic.


What are coworking spaces for, if not to socialize? When you have like-minded people around you, challenges appear simple. At Cowork Timisoara, we created an environment where business owners, freelancers, and startups can truly work together to achieve their goals and grow their businesses. When you work surrounded by people like that, inspiration and connections come to you as a result of a highly energetic environment. 

Possibilities to improve productivity

Coworking spaces are designed to improve productivity and this is because they offer a great variety of office styles, rather than a traditional office environment.

Moreover, they also provide more structure in comparison to working from home. Our coworking spaces, The Garden, and The Office will help you get your work done when you want to get your work done.

Time-saving environment

We know that time is a very important factor for anyone in the work field, and that’s why we suggest coworking spaces. You don’t have to bother when the Internet fails and you need to contact the operator when the printer runs out of paper, or other unpredictable situations. 

All these small and insignificant things make you lose, on average, at least two days a month, without taking into account the invested energy and money. In a coworking space, you leave all of these activities to the people who manage the space and you can focus on growing your business.

Access to community events or conferences

We want to grow in a thriving community and for this, at Cowork Timisoara, we dedicate a lot of our attention to our members through various community events, meetings, or conferences that we host and organise. We create an environment where people can get together at multiple events throughout the year, which can be wonderful for networking, finding new opportunities, or even just making new friends. 

But first… happiness

When you’re working from a coworking space, you surround yourself with motivated and enthusiastic professionals like entrepreneurs, business owners, and teams who can help you overcome your self-doubt. You have the chance to socialize, enjoy all of the comforts and work the way you live. This boosts morale and passion which results in a more joyful workday! 

Working from home gives you more privacy and flexibility, but also, you can get distracted more easily from what you want to do and become more isolated, which could affect you emotionally later on. Coworking spaces get you out of the house and open your life to new people and conversations. It increases your productivity level because you feel like you’re at work, and being surrounded by other entrepreneurs and remote workers can also motivate you.

Either way, having the option to choose is always a good problem to have. All that matters is to understand that your needs may also change with time.

How about trying a coworking space the next time you have this option? 

on January 06, 2023