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Diana Cîrloganu

3 months ago

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The pandemic was hard for all event organizers, no question. But somehow, we managed to keep working on cool projects, even in 2021 and also had some fun while doing it.

This year marked the beginning of post-pandemic freedom, and to help you understand things better from our perspective, we’ll take you through a short retrospective of the most important events that happened and put their mark on us in more than half a year:

5 years celebration of Cowork Timisoara

We started this year by celebrating our 5th anniversary! 🥳 The journey wasn’t easy — we’ve been through highs and lows together, but these things connected us as a team. We couldn’t be more grateful for the hardworking, purpose-driven, and creative people we’ve surrounded ourselves with and for the team we managed to create around Cowork Timisoara.

Innovation Labs Timisoara 2022

Further down the line, we hosted the yearly Innovation Labs Timisoara Hackathon — an event from which 11 teams made it into the 4-month pre-acceleration program, 7 teams made it into the semifinals, and only 2 into the program’s ten-year-anniversary final: Innovation Labs 2022 Demo Day, in Bucharest. Morpheus and Blume Technologies, we congratulate you once more and we are so proud of all of your hard work and dedication. Keep it up!

What about some new… partnerships?

We’ve also been working “in the shadows” for over a year on two of our most valuable partnerships — with Amazon Development Center and InnovX-BCR. These partnerships aim to develop the community and help build the context for emerging new technologies and innovative products.
Let’s learn more about what our partners do:
InnovX-BCR is one of the most ambitious hubs for entrepreneurial innovation in Central and Eastern Europe. Through their program, you’ll get immediate access to the newest technologies, top education, and global communities.

Amazon Development Center has found a home here, in Timisoara, with their main focus being on developing new technologies within Ring home security devices, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

You’ll keep seeing them around in the years to come.

Events, events…

Startup Weekend — offline version, also returned to Timisoara. This year’s edition brought together programmers, designers, marketers, and professionals from various industries to present their startup ideas, and validate, or invalidate them over the weekend.
Startup Weekend is a great opportunity for participants to test the idea of becoming entrepreneurs in a safe environment, with no risks and no long-term commitments involved. It is also an amazing networking opportunity, as this event usually has a diverse lineup of national and international mentors as well as a global facilitator.

… And more events!

The most recent one, which we are very prowd, was PROW Conference, which happened at FABER Timisoara!

Prow is the only technology conference focused on products based in Timisoara, Romania, to bring the local tech community together and provide the right context for expanding product skills, perspectives, and relationships.

The third edition of Prow Conference was focused on identifying the best approaches in building products during market shifting conditions and setting a solid product vision for the future.

And now, the moment we’ve been waiting for…

As you know, you need more space when you’re growing and doing lots of cool things. So brace yourselves — we’ve expanded! The official launching event of the second location, Cowork Timisoara — The Office, happened on September 20, and the space is now ready to welcome many amazing people — just like you!

Our amazing partnerships with InnovX-BCR, Amazon, and Orange make this new location possible.
So, freelancers, digital nomads, startuppers, and entrepreneurs, you are all more than welcome! The address of our newest location is Calea Aradului 11, BCR building, second floor.

The journey is far from being over.
Thank you for being a part of our story. We promise to continue in the future, enthusiastic and dedicated to the work we do for and with the local community.

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