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Cowork Timisoara: The preferred hub for international freelancers

Cowork Timisoara: The preferred hub for international freelancers

Diana Cîrloganu

about 2 months ago

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At Cowork Timisoara, residents' collaborative projects take shape. With our new slogan, "The future of working is co-", we're excited to share a number of stories that were born right here. We continue with the story of Szilard Veres, international freelancer.

Szilard Veres is a digital marketing specialist with about 6 years of experience as an international freelancer. The beginning of his career was marked by his first courses in the field and collaborations with small businesses, which allowed him to gain valuable experience.

Over the years, Szilard has developed his skills to manage teams and substantial marketing budgets for clients. He has also served as head of marketing at two startups in Milan.
Recently, Szilard decided to join the Cowork Timisoara community. His choice was motivated by the need to more clearly delineate his personal space from his work space, an issue that affected both his mental state and productivity.
After visiting Cowork Timisoara, he realised that this environment provided the balance and inspiration he needed to continue to perform at the highest level.

We spoke to Szilard Veres and here are the most important tips he gave us:

What do you think is the biggest benefit of working as a freelancer in a coworking space like Cowork Timisoara? "One of the biggest benefits of freelancing at Cowork Timisoara is that it helps you separate your work from your personal life. This makes you more balanced and productive. In addition, you meet other professionals with whom you can network and collaborate. The space offers modern facilities and professional events that make your work more efficient and professional."

How has Cowork Timisoara influenced the way you organise your time and manage your projects as an international freelancer? "Working at Cowork Timisoara as an international freelancer has helped me enormously to better organise my time and manage my projects. Having a dedicated and well-equipped workspace allows me to establish a clear daily routine. This is very important when working with clients in different time zones, as it allows you to plan your schedule so that you optimise collaborations and meet deadlines, reducing the distractions I would have at home."

What aspects of the Cowork Timisoara community surprised or impressed you the most? "I was most surprised by the dynamics and diversity of the people in this space. The interaction with professionals from different fields stimulates the exchange of ideas and opens up new opportunities for collaboration, making the events and networking sessions extremely valuable. As an international freelancer, the very fast internet facilitates effective online communication without interruptions. The ability to access the space 24/7 gives me the flexibility to work around my own schedule and respond to client requirements in different parts of the world."

How do you see the future of working as an international freelancer in Cowork Timisoara? Are there any trends or changes you anticipate? "The future of working as an international freelancer in Cowork Timisoara looks promising, given the local talent and resources available. Although the city is known for the outsourcing firms and multinationals present, the startup sector is still growing. Cowork Timisoara can play a key role in this change, facilitating collaborations between freelancers with different specialisations. This could stimulate the creation of new products and services, diversifying the local economy and bringing more innovation to the region. In essence, coworking space is not just a place to work, but a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship."

5.What advice would you give to other freelancers considering working from Cowork Timisoara? "Take advantage of the structured environment and resources available to maximize your productivity. It's much easier to separate your personal and professional life in a dedicated space, and interactions with other professionals can stimulate creativity and open up new opportunities. In addition to these pragmatic benefits, don't forget to enjoy the flexibility and dynamics that a coworking space can offer. If you've grown too accustomed to pajamas and video conferencing without getting out of bed, maybe it's time for a change of scenery. Get out of the house, reconnect with the real world! "
He is currently working on various projects, with a particular focus on healthcare, ecommerce and events, among others. Most of these projects are generated from Italy, the US and Nordic countries. With 15 years of experience in Italy, he has developed a special connection with this market, making it easy for him to collaborate there.

His main work focuses on performance marketing within these projects with responsibility for managing client marketing budgets to achieve the most cost-effective cost of acquisition.
Cowork Timisoara offers an ideal setting for professional development and expansion, being equipped with all the necessary resources and benefiting from an active community that encourages innovation and collaboration. This environment is perfect for his growth aspirations, which is why he is not considering changing this working environment in the near future.
In the long term, his personal goal is to transform his freelance business into a Romanian-based agency, serving international and local clients.
To discover more about Szilard Veres and how an international and dedicated freelancer can help you, we invite you to follow him on social media and explore the details on the website.

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