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Cowork Timisoara: Support Hub for Superhumans in Psychoeducation Initiatives

Cowork Timisoara: Support Hub for Superhumans in Psychoeducation Initiatives

Diana Cîrloganu

30 days ago

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With our new slogan Cowork Timisoara where "The future of working is co-", we are excited to share a number of stories that were born right here.

We continue with Rebecca Peca's story, founder of Superhumans PSI, an NGO promoting mental health care in society. They focus a lot on both providing verified information and creating safe environments in which people can flourish.

We caught up with Rebeca Peca and here are the important tips she gave us:

1.What inspired you to start this project?
"Going to therapy and being fascinated by how much it can help. I realised then that all that information would have served me well in the past and that a lot of people would benefit from it if they would learn it earlier as a means of prevention."

2. What are the biggest challenges you face in organising events?
"Normally, organising is among the best parts of our job. However, it may be challenging to remain authentic and enjoy the experience while we have 3 events a week."

3. What advice would you give to those who want to organise their own events or projects in a coworking space?

"Organising events or projects in a coworking space can be an extremely beneficial experience for both organisers and participants. Go for it! There is no better way to build a strong community."
4. How do you help build a community around the events you organise?
"We want to introduce more moments where participants can get directly involved in activities, it's harder to learn as a spectator and much more fun when you can contribute."
5. Can you share in a few scentances a story about an event that had a significant impact on participants?
"Our events come with a lot of valuable information that can be the catalyst that a participant needs right at that moment in life. I particularly remember a conference on impostor syndrome. I was impressed by how open the participants were and what a safe environment it created, even though we were over 150 in the room. It helped a lot how human and friendly the guest psychotherapist was, he made the difference."
The organisation of events is constantly evolving, and a significant trend is the emphasis on the real benefits to participants. Beyond the lure of big names and topics popular topics, the key is that events offer genuine value and utility.

This approach is critical to long-term success and will continue to be relevant.The experience of organising events at Cowork Timisoara has had a considerable impact being a remarkable example of a close-knit community where everyone can learn and grow.
The events held here are intimate and focused on human connection, creating a unique and magical atmosphere.
This experience highlights the importance of community and authentic connections in event organisation, positively influencing organisers and participants alike.
To keep up to date with everything that's happening, feel free to follow them on social media: Superhumans Romania 

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