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Cowork Timisoara: QED Starting Point - Leader in Blockchain and Web3 Technology

Cowork Timisoara: QED Starting Point - Leader in Blockchain and Web3 Technology

Diana Cîrloganu

about 2 months ago

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Joy is in every corner of Cowork Timisoara, where collaboration brings our projects to life. With the new tagline where "The future of working is co-", we share a series of stories that were born in this very space.
Because within every successful project lies a story to match, Vlad Temian, CTO and co-founder of QED, shares his story.
From blockchain technologies to web3, QED is a Timisoara-based software development company that was born in an environment full of innovation and collaboration.

Their story begins with a meeting apparently at Cowork Timișoara.

"We got to know each other gradually, organically. I met Marius in 2018 when, together with other friends, we were working in a more improvised office. We liked the idea of coworking and meeting different people, but with common interests. So, after a short period, we moved to Cowork Timisoara, where we also met Ioana."

The creative atmosphere at Cowork Timisoara brought them on the same wavelength.

"We worked out of the same office and got along very well," says Vlad. "Everyone was working remotely for companies abroad and we were toying with the idea of starting something on our own."

With the community support and inspiration provided by Cowork Timisoara, the road to success for QED has been paved with innovation and collaboration.
We sat down with Vlad Temian and here are the most important tips he gave us:

Interview with Vlad Temian: The Story of QED Development at Cowork Timisoara

What inspired you to start this project at Cowork Timisoara?
"The environment has a major impact on human behaviour. Being surrounded by different people, some freelancers, others starting startups and having access to many startup-related events, it's inevitable not to flirt with the idea of starting a business, taking risks and seeing a different perspective."

What was the most memorable or difficult moment in your journey in developing this project?
"In the context of Cowork Timisoara, as cool and busy as the period was, our departure and separation from the startup/freelance culture was also important. For me it was memorable and difficult because until then everything was familiar, we were working together with some cool people, the space welcoming, helping each other with everything. But from the moment we left I felt 100% that we were on our own and really doing well."

How do you see this experience at Cowork Timisoara influencing your personal and professional path?
"Through and with the help of Cowork Timisoara I met a lot of people I still keep in touch with. Many have become good friends. They all shape and influence you in some way."
What is the biggest obstacle you have faced in building your business and how did you overcome this obstacle?
"There have been many difficult and memorable moments throughout this journey, but I can't remember one obstacle. There are a lot of things you learn along the way that even if someone tells you, you still don't understand 100% unless you go through it. I really highly encourage anyone to start any business because it puts you in many difficult, but very rarely impossible situations. And if there are obstacles, if you look at them carefully, calmly and patiently, you can surely get through them. If not, you get around them."
What advice would you have for those who want to start their own business or project in a coworking space?
"Be curious, consistent and work. Owning your own business is no different than what you're doing now. It's just hard work and perseverance. Problems will arise, but in a coworking space you have people who can help you. From accounting, design, business advice to programmers." Their plans for the future include continuing to offer services in the Web3 market and working on developing their first products. This summer, they are preparing to launch their first collection of NFTs and a multiplayer game called "SenSei."

What motivates them to continue and develop their project in the future?
"It's fun. We've gathered a handful of people who like to build things together and that I think is the biggest motivation. We met in a place where there were different people and everyone was building something for fun. We've kept that culture and we encourage it at QED as well."
To discover more about QED and their passion for innovation, we invite you to follow them on social media and explore the details on their website.

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