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Cowork Timisoara: digital agency founders' choice for efficiency and creativity

Cowork Timisoara: digital agency founders' choice for efficiency and creativity

Diana Cîrloganu

about 2 months ago

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At Cowork Timisoara, ideas come to life through collaboration between residents. Under the new tagline, "The future of working is co-", the Timisoara hub's team brings to the forefront a series of stories that took place right there, in the coworking space.
In the continuation of this series, we present the story of Alin Vacian, founder of the web development and design agency - enovatika.

Alin Vacian is the man behind the web development and design agency enovatika - a project that was born out of the collaborations Alin had during the time he was working as a consultant and UI/UX freelancer.

This change of direction marked a new stage in his life and now, enovatika is celebrating 6 years of activity, with a team of 11 passionate and dedicated people. Together, they develop web and mobile applications from start to finish.

When it came to choosing a place for their business, they considered two key aspects: networking and aligning plans. "We were lucky enough to meet Andrei and the Cowork team a few years ago, when we were looking for our first office space," Alin told us.

Thus, Cowork Timisoara has become the preferred place for their professional work, where they feel connected and inspired to collaborate with other professionals in various fields.

We talked to Alin Vacian and here is what the founder of enovatika shared with us:

1.How do you think that choosing Cowork Timisoara as your main location has influenced your team and productivity?
Having your own office space is really great, but it comes with a number of minor responsibilities and tasks that can take up a lot of time and energy - especially when you can't afford to ignore them. With Cowork Timisoara, we've found the perfect solution to these challenges. They provide the support we need to manage these details, leaving us to focus on what really matters: our tasks and our clients.

2.How did you manage to integrate into the Cowork Timisoara community and how has this affected your business?
Thanks to their openness and flexibility towards our needs, the integration went very well. I would say that it influenced us in a positive way, offering us a modern workspace, equipped with everything a company like ours needs.

3.What is the most valuable benefit you have gained from working with Cowork Timisoara?
Through our involvement in the network and community carefully created by the Cowork Timisoara team, we really felt an impact in our daily work. By participating in various events and projects organized in the coworking space, we had the chance to meet people from different fields, with whom we could exchange ideas and support each other in various projects.

This open and friendly atmosphere provided us with a source of inspiration and support, contributing significantly to the development of our business and strengthening long-term professional relationships.

4.What advice would you give to other agency founders who are looking for a coworking space?
I highly recommend Cowork Timisoara, and I'm the kind of person who doesn't make recommendations unless I've experienced the services before. For us, this place is where we can focus solely on work, without distracting ourselves with the administrative aspects. And most importantly, we have a space where we can meet clients or potential clients.

5.What projects have you developed in collaboration with other businesses or people in Cowork Timisoara?
We have worked together with the Cowork Timisoara team in several initiatives, such as Timisoara Startups, PROW and even their website. In the community, we met passionate and very talented people from various fields, with whom we continue to collaborate today.

As mentioned earlier, networking and the diversity of people in the space has opened doors for collaboration.
Currently, the enovatika team is focused on finding companies and startups in need of a full digital partner for web and mobile development, which is an area in which we excel.

As for their collaboration with Cowork Timisoara, they are always open to new opportunities that bring mutual benefits.
Looking to the future, they want to continue to grow the agency and strengthen the relationship with Cowork Timisoara. "We feel at home in this space and hope to stay here for many years to come." - says Alin Vacian.

To discover more about enovatika and how a web development and design agency can help you, we invite you to follow them on LinkedIN and explore the details on the website.

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